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Fasting has been practiced for a long time for medical or health purposes.
It is said in France that "fasting is a surgery that does not require a knife," and in Germany that "a disease that cannot be cured by fasting cannot be cured by a doctor either." In Germany, fasting therapy for rheumatism and heart disease is covered under health insurance, and it is said that 15 to 20% of people have undergone fasting therapy.
By fasting, the gastrointestinal tract (internal organ functions) is able to rest, and by allowing the always-working gastrointestinal tract to rest, health conditions can improve. By removing harmful minerals and toxic substances (additives, pesticides, etc.) that have accumulated in the body over many years, people can regain their original energy as well as prevent and recover from sickness with an enhanced immune/restorative ability.

Fastenings benefits

Benefits of fasting using KOUSO Fermented Drink
  • 01Digestive organs can rest, the body can be refreshed

  • 02Positive effect on the intestinal environment

  • 03Be refreshed in the morning with good quality sleep

  • 04Enhanced excretive functions and waste evacuation

  • 05Metabolism is activated, with a positive effect on skin

  • 06Prevention of lifestyle-related diseases

  • 07Diet

Q&A for fasting using the KOUSO Fermented Drink

  • Q. Can I drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes during the fasting period?

    A. Please refrain from drinking alcohol while fasting. Tobacco is also not recommended. Some people have successfully quit smoking while fasting, if they refrain during that time.

  • Q.Is it okay to fast while pregnant or breastfeeding?

    A. Please refrain from fasting while pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • Q. Why did my weight actually increase when I fasted?

    A. It is common for those with a poor metabolism, sensitivity to cold, or unbalanced diet to gain weight after a two day fast.
    In this case, your physical constitution will gradually change after repeating it two or three times, so please do not give up and continue on.

  • Q. Will I rebound after fasting?

    A. You will rebound if you return to a high-calorie, high-fat, low-nutrient diet that does not consider nutritional balance, but you do not have to worry about rebounding if you pay attention to balance in your meals after eating again and your regular meals. It is also important to incorporate some exercise, even if it is just a little bit.

  • Q. When should we start?

    A. <Fasting>
    There is no time like the present. We basically recommend that you start whenever you wish to start. "New and Full Moon Fasting," or fasting according to the moon cycles, is said to be greatly effective, and it is also recommended to do it along with the "new moon with high detoxification and elimination energy" and the "full moon with high absorption energy."

    <Fasting for diet purposes>
    For women, it is fine to fast during menstruation. However, it is difficult to lose weight before and during menstruation, and it is said to be easier to lose weight the week directly after menstruation, so we believe it is efficient to begin fasting at that point.