About Company

To our corporate clients
An original contracted manufacturer

We are a contracted manufacturer of health foods made from the basic ingredient of plant extracts fermented with enzymes.
By making use of our know-how as a long standing manufacturer, we undertake contracted manufacturing of drinks fermented with enzymes and powdered foods.

Manufacturable products

  • Drinks
    KOUSO Fermented Drinks
  • Powdery Foods
    Powdered Foods
  • Drinks
    Fermented Plant Extract Paste
  • Powdery Foods
  • Powdery Foods
    Bath Powder

The process towards completion

    • Initial Consultation
    • Meetings for questions and requests

      "I want to produce a product like this."
      We listen to our client's requests (purpose, targeted users, ingredients, taste, price range, quantity, etc.) and suggest possible products.

    • Determination of a formula

      We will discuss the details of a formula and present a rough estimate.

    • Making Product Samples
    • Experimentation

      We will produce and present a trial product in accordance with the requests, and allow the client to evaluate it (based on its form, taste, scent, sensation, etc.).

    • Commercialization

      If the client is satisfied with the trial product, final checks are performed for the product's specifications (ingredients, taste, price, quantity, and design), and the order is placed.

    • Manufacturing
    • Production

      The product is manufactured based on strict quality controls.

    • Packing and shipping

      After strict inspections based on chemistry and microbiology, the product is delivered.

Our strengths

Our strengths

  • 01Over 70 years of history

    Since our founding in 1946, we have made use of the fermentation techniques we have fostered in our pursuit to produce delicious drinks focused on safety and the reassurance of our clients. From early on, we have produced drinks fermented with enzymes with a focus on food and health, and after various accomplishments and cases we have dealt with, we aim to manufacture products that will satisfy our clients.

  • 02Thorough quality control

    We possess a state of the art in-house factory. In addition to chemical and microbiological inspections from our expert staff, there are also assessments based on sensory inspections. Not only is the quality inspected for the end product of everything manufactured, but various checks are also performed from the receipt of the ingredients to each process for each production, so we make an effort to produce products based on thorough quality control.

    We are capable of handling a wide range of orders based on our advanced technical ability, abundant achievements, and scientific data. Please feel free to consult us.

  • 03Highly valued proposals

    Our product development is a particular point that differentiates our products from others. We can offer highly valued proposals by listening to our clients, and by combining concepts and objectives.

  • 04An integrated system from production to packing

    We perform contracted manufacturing of end products. At our factory, we have set up an integrated system that includes loading, packing, and shipping lines for our products. That allows for the immediate delivery of finished products available for sale.

  • 05Strong name recognition

    We have been honored with business from many clients since our establishment via sales of our products to pharmacies and beauty salons nationwide. Instead of just being limited to within Japan, we are also highly esteemed by many clients overseas, so we are confident in that as proof of our high quality.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.